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Timber Creek Stables Farrier Services

Kathryn has studied as Farrier Apprentice with Independent Farrier Barry Foulk & was formally educated with Sonny Pistilli AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier - BWFA Master Farrier - BWFA Master Educator – Corrective hot shoeing & Natural corrective services are available. 

Natural Hoof (trimming)

Draft horse $95.00

Full size horse $60.00

Mini $40.00

Goats $30.00

Cold or Hot Shoeing


Draft Horse Shoeing​

Front shoes only $150.00

Front and back shoes $205.00

Full size horse


Front shoes only $105.00

Front & back shoes $145.00

Contact Kathryn for additional information.

Tel: (570) 656-0820 

Kathryn trimming Phoenix with help from Ann, Lionel and Caysen (click to enlarge)
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