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Leasing Options 

Bringing the horses back to the barn from the pasture

Why Leasing a horse might be right for you:


Owning a horse is a huge commitment of time and money.  We think it's smart to lease a horse before you buy to make sure that you're ready for that commitment.  Leasing allows you to try the horse lifestyle to see if it fits:


  • Leasing is a short-term commitment (usually 3 to 12 months at a time).

  • Leasing is far less expensive than owning a horse.

  • You can ease into the demands of a horsekeeping schedule.

  • You can learn on-the-job if you enroll in our Working Student Program.

  • Leasing allows parents to evaluate a child's commitment to riding and horse care.

  • Ending a lease is easier and much less traumatic than having to sell a horse that you no longer want.


Who is eligible to lease?

Our students always have the first option when we have a horse available to lease -- but it really comes down to finding the right person for that horse.  It's important to match the personalities of the horse and leasee.  We also look for riders with training and experience that are appropriate for the horse's training and experience.


Horses are unable to fend for themselves, so we only lease our horses to people with the maturity to be responsible and safe, the ability to handle the physical work around the barn, and the willingness to learn. Keeping horses is a never-ending learning experience! You must be able to demonstrate Green Level Horsekeeping skills and knowledge (or above) to be eligible for a Timber Creek lease.


Parents who lease a horse for their child must also be active participants in helping their child learn and perform horsekeeping chores -- leasing is not a drop-off activity!  We are unable to supervise your child on her/his lease days, and expect parents to monitor the child's activities.


How much does it cost to lease a Timber Creek horse?

You pay one low monthly lease fee -- and we pay all stabling costs, including feed, hay, shavings, veterinary and farrier care. We usually require a 3-month minimum lease period.
Most -- but not all -- of the horses we offer for lease are school horses here at Timber Creek Stables, which means that they're accustomed to new riders

HALF LEASE: Half-leasing for $350 per month gives you a horse of your own three days each week, including preferred use of that horse for your riding lessons.

FULL LEASE:  For $500 per month, we'll reserve five days per week for your exclusive use of the horse. 

How a typical horse lease works:
 On lease days, you may groom, do ground training, ride your horse, and just hang out at the barn with them.

If you're interested in leasing one of our horses you should be prepared to pitch in and help with barn chores -- that means helping to feed, clean stalls and to help keep the place clean and safe. You must agree to all riding and horse care expectations and actively working to expand your unmounted knowledge. We have really high standards for horse care and we'll be happy to teach you.  If you have no previous horse care experience we'll require you to complete our begginer Level Horsekeeping program.

To keep you and our horses safe and happy, some restrictions may apply depending upon your level of experience. (For example, we may not let you jump until we've taught you to do so safely).

In the event that a leased horse becomes lame or otherwise unfit for work, we will provide a substitute ride if possible, but please remember that we cannot guarantee make-up lease days if you skip a day due to inclement weather, holidays or other scheduling conflicts.


For information please contact:


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